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2019 Rose Parade Accessible Viewing

2019 Rose Parade Accessible Viewing

2019 Rose Parade Accessible Viewing & Float Decorating Volunteer Info

“The Melody of Life” celebrates music – the universal language. Rhythm, melody, harmony, and color all come together to create the soundtrack that defines our lives as is this years Rose parade Theme lead by the 2019 Grand Marshal Chaka Khan.

2019 Rose Parade Accessible Viewing

Rose Parade Accessible Viewing

The 2019 Rose Parade will take place on Tuesday, January 1st, beginning at 8 A.M. Three sidewalk or street-level areas on the Rose Parade route are reserved for people whose disabilities make coping with crowds or standing difficult. Admission is FREE and each disabled person may bring up to four guests.

The three accessible viewing areas are as follows:

1. West Colorado Area - North side of Colorado Blvd. near beginning of Rose Parade route. Drop-off in front allowed until 3 A.M. After that, the nearest passenger drop-off point is one block away. Limited reserved parking available.

2. Paseo Colorado Area - South side of Colorado Blvd. at 1/4 point in Rose Parade route. Drop-off in front allowed until 7 A.M. Reserved parking available. Sign interpretation and audio description available in this viewing area.

3. Sierra Madre Area - Median on Sierra Madre Blvd. near end of Rose Parade route. Drop-off 1/2 block from viewing area allowed until 8 A.M. No reserved parking available.

All three viewing areas are served by accessible restrooms.

To request space at an accessible viewing area, click Continue to complete and submit this form. If you have questions or need assistance with completing this form call (626) 449-4100 or email

2019 Rose Parade Accessible Viewing

Info on this years parade route: The 5 1/2-mile Rose Parade route begins at the corner of Green Street and Orange Grove Blvd. in Pasadena. The parade travels north on Orange Grove Blvd. at a leisurely 2 1/2-mile per hour pace and then turns east onto Colorado Blvd., where the majority of the parade viewing takes place. Near the end of the route, the parade turns north onto Sierra Madre Blvd. and concludes at Villa Street. Prohibited items along the parade route include weapons, sticks, poles, drones, glass bottles and any items which may cause injury or interfere with the parade or spectators’ enjoyment of the parade.

2019 Rose Parade Float Decorating Volunteers

Interested in decorating a float? Here is where you can get the complete list of float builders looking for volunteers and how to sign up. FLOAT DECORATORS



January 1, 2019 | All day - January 2, 2019 | E Sierra Madre Blvd & E Washington Blvd Pasadena, CA 91107 United States Tickets HERE

Post Parade: A Showcase of Floats $15

Get a close-up view and see the detail, the design and workmanship that goes into every float. You can walk almost within arms reach of these floats and see for yourself the creativity and imagination of the floral displays. Tournament volunteers are available to answer any questions you have on how the floats are put together.

There are over 50 floats gathered on two streets for you to walk at your leisure and explore one by one.

Great Wolf Lodge Annual Snowland Celebration

Great Wolf Lodge Annual Snowland Celebration

Pageant of the Monsters

Pageant of the Monsters