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Backstory of Calico River Rapids at Knott's Berry Farm

Backstory of Calico River Rapids at Knott's Berry Farm

Full Attraction Story of Calico River Rapids at Knott's Berry Farm

BigFoot Rapids at Knott’s Berry Farm got it’s start 32 years ago. This summer it is getting a complete makeover including a complete backstory bringing the attraction full circle and aligning it with the Calico Mine Ride and Ghost Town as Calico River Rapids!

Calico River Rapids Knott's Berry Farm

A greatly over due rehab of this major attraction will be reopening this summer with some big changes! The new look will feature nine themed scenes and over 20 animatronic characters manufactured by Redlands-based Garner Holt Productions (the world’s largest animatronic company) who also provides animatronics for Universal as well as Disney Properties. The new look and theming is inspired by legendary Disney Imagineer Marc Davis and predates the settling of Ghost Town by about 15- 20 years.

Via OC Register: “Calico River Rapids tells the story of the expansion of the Western territories, which can be found just outside of Calico,” Parks said. “The territories are wild, untamed and largely untouched by settlers and civilization. Calico and the area surrounding it exist in the same world. Riders will see that the Calico Mine Company is at work within the wilderness as well as the Timber Mountain Logging Company.”

Recreating American exploration, pioneering and the sense of adventure is what the all new Calico River Rapids is all about. Based on real explorers John Potts and John Colter who were part of the Lewis & Clark Expedition of 1804, here’s just a taste of what the new ride will be like to experience:


The rides queue begins at a trading post and supply company established by Potts and Colter that doubles as the attraction’s loading and unloading station. Looking for settlers and pioneers to take part in a river expedition guests are recruited and are loaded into rafts carrying up to six passengers. Their journey takes them past several animatronic animals including baby bears, snakes, raccoons, mountain lion and even prairie dogs along with several water surprises.

Ever get that feeling of not having control? As onlookers stand along side the ride with Dynamite plunger boxes lining the rides walkway, park guest not on the ride will have the opportunity to have a hand in the outcome of your ride, specifically how wet you will get. Trigger happy guests can take a chance at wetting people or be the victim themselves as the cannons can and will backfire at random. To not spoil the rides finale I will just say there is a surprise ending and it’s former namesake will finally make it’s long overdue presence known and heard! Officially opening May 17, 2019.

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