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Exploring The Queen Mary in Grand Fashion

Exploring The Queen Mary in Grand Fashion

Exploring The Queen Mary in Grand Fashion

Spend an entire day on board The Queen Mary? Is there really that much to see and do? Yes there really is! We recently visited The Queen Mary and utilized their Grand Voyage Passport to see Diana: Legacy of a Princess among other exhibits and tours they offer on board and found that there really is a lot to see and do on the ship that is interesting and fun for the entire family. We love visiting year round and popping in for events they have throughout the year. The Queen Mary is under going a massive facelift and despite that the ship is welcoming visitors, improving their tours and are always changing them up. Check out what you can expect to see and do with this bundled tour option.

The Shipyard and Ship Model Gallery

Ship Model Gallery on The Queen Mary Long Beach

Ship Model Gallery on The Queen Mary Long Beach

Combining precision and craftsmanship in an exacting work of art, ship models evoke the fascination that we have for the sea and sea travel. In this gallery some of the finest ship models in the world tell the story of the evolution of trans-Atlantic passenger ship travel from 1840 to the present. The Queen Mary LEGO brick model ship is displayed at The Shipyard. Self guided, Photography allowed.


Measuring 26 feet, weighing over 600 lbs. and made from 250,000 LEGO bricks, the LEGO Queen Mary brick model ship is a masterpiece to be seen and a kid worthy stop during your visit!

Diana: Legacy of a Princess

Diana: Legacy of a Princess onboard The Queen Mary in Long Beach

Diana: Legacy of a Princess onboard The Queen Mary in Long Beach

Covering over 13,000 square feet of the Queen Mary’s Sun Deck and captures Diana’s true essence, showcasing a priceless collection of her gowns and other cherished memorabilia. The collection includes:

  • An elegant dressing room display featuring nine of Princess Diana’s dresses and gowns
  • Designer-signed fashion sketches of Diana’s famous gowns
  • Handwritten letters and notes from Princess Diana and Prince Charles
  • Personal photographs of Prince Charles and Princess Diana
  • The hand-carved wooden bench that Prince Charles gave Diana as a wedding gift
  • Wedding items include the seating chart, invitations, “thank you” notes from the royal family and more
  • Recreation of Diana’s wedding bouquet
  • Listen to recorded messages that Diana left to her friend and confidant Simone Simmons
  • Doll collection recreating Diana’s many looks and styles

This self guided tour is taken at your own pace, there are areas to sit and watch historical interviews and coverage on the princess as well as the royal family. Give yourself a minimum of an an hour to really enjoy the entire collection as it is a very extensive one. THE LAST DAY OF DIANA: LEGACY OF A PRINCESS EXHIBIT WILL BE: SUNDAY, JANUARY 6, 2019. Note: There is no photography of any sort allowed within this exhibit. 

The Glory Days Historical Tour

The Glory Days Historical Tour on The Queen Mary Long Beach

The Glory Days Historical Tour on The Queen Mary Long Beach

Delve into the ship’s expansive past, including her groundbreaking construction, her time as a troopship during WWII and of course, her glory days as the world’s most luxurious and technologically advanced ocean liner. On this tour you will learn about the ships origins, the famous that sailed onboard as well as the ships involvement with WWII. Guided tour takes approximately 1 hour. Really interesting tour for the history buff. Photography allowed. 

Haunted Encounters


Do you believe in ghosts? Get a detailed overview of the Queen Mary’s most haunted areas and reported paranormal hotspots. Explore the ship inside and out and hear stories about the ship’s most famous resident apparitions. This tour, if you choose to take it will leave you a sceptic or a believer. Haunted Encounters tour is given in the day and is appropriate for children. Tour takes approximately 1 hour. Photography allowed.

Queen Mary 4D Theatre


Grab a pair of 3D Glasses and get ready for the 4-D Theater. Feel the rock and bump of every action scene, smell the roses of a blossoming romance and get tickled by antics from your favorite animated characters…literally. This 121-seat theater delivers a hi-definition viewing experience in 3-D and features motion seats and 4-D effects such as wind, fog, mist, scents and even bubbles that sync to the on-screen action. Shows last approximately 7 – 15 minutes.  Programing rotates, see daily schedule for options. Currently featured is Sharks and The Queen Mary Story. Just one more stop along your journey exploring the ship your kids will love.

Grand Voyage Passport includes: Adult: $45/ Child $37 

  • A ticket to board The Queen Mary
  • (Available Sunday through Saturday: 11AM - 7PM) Diana: Legacy of a Princess Exhibit - A priceless collection associated with Princess Diana and the Royal Family.
  • The Glory Days Historical Tour - You’ve heard the stories, the myths and legends, but now get the straight scoop about the majestic Queen Mary.
  • Haunted Encounters - See why the Queen Mary was listed by Time magazine as one of the Top 10 Most Haunted Places in America. 
  • 4-D Theater screening - The ship's newest attraction is a 121-seat theater offering a 3-D viewing experience with 4-D effects such as wind and scents. 
  • Access to the Ship Model Gallery
  • Access to the Queen Mary Story, Museum & Historic Exhibits
Queen Mary Points of interest

ALL NEW! Steam & Steel Tour

The Queen Mary, in it's continuing quest to bring more of this infamous ocean liners spaces available to the public unveiled its newest attraction, the ALL-NEW Steam & Steel Tour, now open. Descend into the depths of the legendary Queen Mary approximately 25 ft. below the water line and tour the legendary Boiler Room, Turbo-Generator Room, Water Softening Room and the Aft Engine Room to discover the story and history behind powering the massive ship. . Offered year-round the tours are approximately 1 hour in length and offered daily 11:45 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.

 Steam and Steel Tour 

 Steam and Steel Tour 

DETAILS: The hour-long adventure takes you deep into the Queen Mary to discover how the historic vessel steams to life. Guests will tour the Water Softening room, Boiler Rooms 1-4, make their way through the Aft-Engine Room, and continue to the propeller room to uncover the hidden mechanics that have kept the iconic ship in tip-top shape since 1934.

We walked over 5 miles this day exploring The Queen Mary over the course of several hours and there is always more to still see I find. Tours run aproximatly every hour so you have lots of flexibility in planning, taking a break with the self guided tour and stopping for lunch at one of the several eateries on board like the newly renovated Promenade Café. I would suggest purchasing your Grand Voyage Passport on line to save time at the box office and reserve your tour times on level 4 (Promenade Deck) at the passengers information room located before you reach the Observation Bar. There you can also purchase a photo package with some very fun effects added. 

The Queen Mary 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA, 90802

More from Aboard The Queen Mary and the seasonal events held there.

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