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Fear Lives Onboard Queen Marys Dark Harbor

Fear Lives Onboard Queen Marys Dark Harbor

Fear Lives Onboard Queen Marys Dark Harbor

Queen Marys Dark Harbor

I double dare you to step foot aboard the Queen Mary, referred as one of the 10 most haunted place in the United States anytime of the year but during Dark Harbor, I triple dare you!  I'm sort of a haunt snob..... I remember maze layouts from the previous years and am usually busy critiquing them as I experience them because I love all the details. This time around Dark Harbor added some details to really mess with you and mess with you they will! Fear really does live here and once you enter, there's no turning back kids.

I've attended the last 3 years and I am still buzzing off opening nights haunt! With several changes to the layout and a new maze onboard the ship, Queen Mary's Dark Harbor is one that will give the rest of the haunts in the area a serious run for their money. What's great about Dark Harbor is it's size. Big enough to not feel overwhelming yet small enough to have an extremely immersive experience throughout the entire area. The last 2 years were good but this year, I actually got a bit scared onboard. Timing, scare actor placement and amazing interaction along with unexpected twists and turns just adds to the eery feeling you get on the ship. It really made for some seriously frightening moments! So whats new for 2017?

Chef is quite photogenic don't you think? Saying otherwise might get you kitchen duties

Chef is quite photogenic don't you think? Saying otherwise might get you kitchen duties

Meet the Chef within the new maze Feast! He does more than just instill fear into his ships tightly run galley staff, he's a real hands on guy that is looking for some tender new meat to add to the daily special. Be prepared to experience the heat on all fours, cool down in his walk-in freezer and grab a shot or two to conquer your fear in the hidden bar within! Oh and Chef is unbiased when it comes to his next spécial du jour, vegan, grass fed and gluten free are all acceptable additions to his menu. Find the Chef and all of his soul-less sous chefs on the ship, the 4th that is fittingly featured deep within the queen's bowels. 

  • Panic 4D is a virtual 8 minute maze in the Queen Mary's on board theatre. Additional cost
  • The Meat Locker: Bundle up with a provided parka for this chilling tasting experience. This one-of-a-kind ice bar experience will take you into a 7-degree environment for up to 20-minutes if you can stand the frigid cold!  Choose from a curated selection of flavored vodkas to create your custom tasting flight. Additional Cost
  • 2- Hidden Bars within the mazes, so you can make one last toast to your sanity and your soul! Additional cost
Glamorous Gale, any takers?

Glamorous Gale, any takers?

Returning mazes to this years Dark Harbor include my favorite Lullaby (on the ship)! There were some serious changes made to this years maze, confusing and panicking me even more than last year. Definitely my top pick of the night! Plus how can you resist that sweet little girl Mary, she just wants a new playmate after all. B340 (on the ship) had way more scare actors that really went crazy! I Really liked the changes they made this year. Soulmate (on the ship), so many more of her "animated" soul-less suiters mindlessly wondering around and getting super up close with Gale in her dressing room was awesome! Deadrise is back again, you will get less soaked but its way more scary! My tip, watch your back, always! Intrepid was another maze (first debuted in 2016) that took it up a notch with more scare actors inside that didn't just stay in one area, show fear and they will chase you down till the biter end of the maze, you have been warned people. 

Tickets are always a steal at around $24 but this year they are offering a sweet experience. If you are only attending one haunt this year, this extra splurge sounds like an amazing way to experience it all! PRIVATE MONSTER MAZE TOURS You choose one of the evil eight of Dark Harbor to guide you through their terrifying maze for a little added scare if you dare! (Experience for up to 10 people) cost $99 per body.

Best way to experience this years haunt? I say go with the GA +FAST FRIGHT pass. We used this option opening night and had no trouble getting though all the mazes and had plenty of time to enjoy some shows. With the General Admission plus the pass you get expedited, priority entry into the event and mazes insuring you get to see and experience all the fun. Upgrade early - limited passes available. GA+FF Pricing: Starting at $64 for select dates. Best advise I can give you no matter which way you go is get there at opening, do the mazes on the ship first (since it's dark inside) then hit the outdoor mazes and shows. 

Like to dress up? Though it's not allowed for the event, they do have two dates you can get in on the fun! October 31st for Halloween Night and November 1st for Dia De Los Muertos.

Parking is always a premium but they have a fix for that this year! FASTEST SERVICE Park at the Aquarium of the Pacific Parking Structure and taking the all-new Dark Harbor Express operated by the Aqua Link.

For a great price of $15.00 per vehicle (CASH ONLY) you get to take advantage of this convenient and easy parking option: 
• A cheaper parking price than at the Queen Mary, which is $40
• Convenient access in and out of the parking structure at the Aquarium of the Pacific located at 99 Golden Shore Long Beach Ca 90802.
• Board the Dark Harbor Express boat service (operated by Aqua Link) near the Aquarium of the Pacific for your short boat ride over to the Queen Mary
• Dark Harbor Express is the fastest and most scenic way to get to the Queen Mary and avoid the traffic going into the Queen Mary parking lot
• Roundtrip fee aboard the Dark Harbor Express is $8.00 per person
• Dark Harbor Express service will operate from 6:00pm to 1:30am on each Dark Harbor date

After attending the top three haunts in the area, I've gotta give it to the Queen Mary (being the youngest haunt that began in 2010 replacing Queen Mary Halloween Terror Fest and Haunted Shipwreck) for it's amazingly enthusiastic scare actors, costumes and make up and the overall sheer fear factor, because after all it's all about location, location, location! Dare to get the ship scared out of you? 

Aquarium of the Pacific 15th Annual Autumn Festival

Aquarium of the Pacific 15th Annual Autumn Festival

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