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Insider Scoop Legoland Hotel plus Ninjago World Update

Insider Scoop Legoland Hotel plus Ninjago World Update

Insider Scoop- Legoland California Hotel + Ninjago World Update

Psssst! Wanna know a little known bit of insider info about the Legoland California Hotel? No it's not the latest addition of the Lego Friends themed rooms, it's WAY bigger! Come in closer and I'll tell ya, but this is just between us, deal?

Photo Courtesy of Legoland CA

Photo Courtesy of Legoland CA

The Legoland California Hotel opened just two short years ago and has been a huge success! The recent addition of the Lego Friends themed rooms is sure to brings a ton more guests as well as the soon to open Ninjago World slated to open in May.

So what's a destination of such popularity to do? Open an entirely new hotel tower that's what! Permits were recently submitted to the city of Carlsbad and if all goes as planed....Completion in 2018. That would be a total around 500 rooms for Lego fans to stay and play in. Wowzers Legoland! 

Here's what we know so far

  • The new Hotel will be three stories just as the current hotel.
  • It will resemble a castle, complete with turrets and have a several themed rooms. (To be determined)
  • It will be located west of the existing Legoland Hotel in front of the Sea Life Aquarium.
  • Features include a full-service restaurant, swimming pool, gift shop and outdoor play areas
  • A New Parking Structure is slated to be added (to offset the parking lost)

Pretty exciting right? Stay tuned for further info on this in the coming months.

Oh and here's a quick update on Ninjago World opening May 5th of this year.

Legoland Ninjago World

The attractions and ride breakdown within the 1 acre area to open this coming May will be located just adjacent to the Imagination Zone. The new world will also offer Asian cuisine and a new shopping venue. 

JAY'S LIGHTNING DRILL: Attraction  Test your reflexes and see if they are Lightning fast!        No Height Requirement

COLE'S ROCK CLIMB : Attraction Rock climbing teaches balance, endurance. and patience. Do you have those qualities? No Height Requirement

KAI'S SPINNERS : Attraction If you're going to master Spinjitzu, you have to be able to spin!   No Height Requirement

ZANE'S TEMPLE BUILD : Attraction Zane, the Ninja of Ice, wants your help building a massive model of the old Ninjago Monastery.  No Height Requirement

LEGO® NINJAGO® THE RIDE : Ride Fireballs! Lightning! Shockwaves! Ice! You control these elements to defeat the Great Devourer and earn ninja status. This is what you've been training for!  No minimum height requirement. Rider under 48" must be accompanied by a responsible rider of 48" or taller.

There is a great deal being offered right now on the Legoland California site. Buy 1 day get 4 more free! Perfect for spring break. See site for details.

Disney On Ice presents TREASURE TROVE

Disney On Ice presents TREASURE TROVE

Simple Patio Transformation for Spring

Simple Patio Transformation for Spring