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Legoland California Resort Official Blogger 2018
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Opening July 2018 LEGO CITY Deep Sea Adventure at Legoland California

Opening July 2018 LEGO CITY Deep Sea Adventure at Legoland California

Opening July 2, 2018 LEGO CITY Deep Sea Adventure Attraction at Legoland California 


Inspired by the Lego City building sets and opening July 2, 2018, dive underwater on the newest LEGOLAND® California Resort attraction LEGO CITY®: Deep Sea Adventure submarine ride. The adventure begins on a real submarine that takes you on a hunt for treasure along the way you’ll pass all kinds of real sea creatures over 2000 to be exact, including stingrays and sharks, as well as bright LEGO® fish, crabs and scuba divers. During your journey, interact with the touchscreens at each porthole inside the sub to help the LEGO minifigure dive team identify gems, pearls, LEGO gold coins and more throughout the over 4 minute journey. 

As an official Legoland Blogger I toured the construction site of the new attraction opening this summer. During the tour, Legoland media learned about the rides build and details. From perfecting the finishes and construction materials used to protect the real sea life I learned there are so many components that go into executing an attraction such as this one. Lighting, lego sealants and the very salt water used are just a few of the rides details that will not only keep the sea life healthy but make for the rides upkeep easier. 

The deep end of the LEGO CITY Deep Sea Adventure at Legoland California

The deep end of the LEGO CITY Deep Sea Adventure at Legoland California

Animal care: Animals living in Deep Sea Adventure include sharks, rays and tropical fish. Below are fun facts about some of the incredible animals you’ll spot during your voyage.

  • Blacktip Reef Shark: Like many other shark species, blacktip reef sharks have to constantly swim to breathe. This makes resting tricky! They don't really sleep like humans do, but instead seem to "sleep swim”, where they slow down bodily processes and some brain function in order to rest while continuing to move through the water.
  • Southern Stingray: Spend most of their lives on the ocean floor. When they fully bury in the sand bed for camouflage, they use spiracles to pump water over their gills in order to breathe.
  • Cownose Stingray: The cow-snout shape of the cephalic lobes on the face of the cownose ray gives it its name. These flaps on the underside of the face allow them to get suction on the ocean floor to pick up prey items. Their hard plate-like teeth are then able to crush even hard-shelled clams with ease.
  • Blue-lined Seaperch: As a juvenile, the blue-lined seaperch lives in seagrass beds and mangrove estuaries before making its way out to coral reefs, where this species spends its adult life.
  • Bigscale Soldierfish: A nocturnal species that inhabits caves and crevices. Soldierfish have very large eyes, which allow them to see in dim light, successfully hunt at night and to avoid predators.
  • Foxface Rabbitfish: Rabbitfish are herbivores that get their name from their large eyes and small mouths, resembling the features of a rabbit. 
LEGO CITY Deep Sea Adventure at Legoland California  (c) Cleverly Catheryn

Maintenance of Lego models: Scuba divers will maintain the LEGO models in coordination with the Master Model Builder staff at LEGOLAND® California Resort. The models are coated with a special “UV coating” that restricts algae from growing on them for easier maintenance. Specialized LED lights are placed underwater throughout the ride and use low energy. The filtration system was built with water conservation in mind and we have designed water recovery systems to repurpose any waste water. Real ocean sea water is used to irrigate the tank and maintain a natural habitat for the animals

Some facts about the attraction:

  • Manufacturer: Mack Rides out of Germany

  • Height Restrictions: No height restrictions but guests must be at least 52” to ride alone.

  • Ride Duration: Aprox. 4 1/2 minutes

  • No. of Submarines: 8 holding 12 passengers per sub

  • Weight and size of Submarines : 22,000 lbs. 26’ long x 7-1/2’ wide x 9-1/2’ high

  • Tank Size: 300,000 gallons of Salt Water kept at 75*-80*

  • Track Lenght: 232 feet

  • Tank depth: From 7 feet to 10 feet

  • There are 25 lego models used within this attraction

  • First interactive ride of it's kind in the United States

Wondering where in the park you will find LEGO CITY Deep Sea Adventure? You will find this new attraction between Castle Hill where the "mini golf" course was before and Pirate Shores. This addition along with the New Castle Hotel are just two more reasons why I love being an official Legoland California Blogger! Be sure to look for my coverage on the Castle Hotels Grand opening and tips for getting the most from your stay! You can also read my coverage on their Autism accommodations the park and special events below! 

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Check out ALL of my coverage at the park, the hotels and special events at Legoland California.

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