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Hidden History of Disneyland

Hidden History of Disneyland

Hidden History of Disneyland

Aside from all the hidden Mickeys, ever wonder what other things you should keep an eye out for around the Disneyland Resort during your next visit? I’ve got the long list of them, many you have probably walked passed before without even noticing. I bet after reading this list you might learn of at least a few new ones and will definitely have a new outlook during your next trip.

Even with the constant changes happening at the resort there are so many of the original opening day details to be enjoyed and in some cases found. I’ve been a pass holder for 5 years and just recently learned about several of these hidden gems this past year. Just goes to show you that it can always be a different experience each time you visit the park.

Above the Snow White ride in Fantasyland the curtains open to reveal the Evil Queen. But did you know that a touch of the golden apple right outside the entrance when you’re in line for the ride will set off a cringing cackle from a certain villain?

Disneyland's address is 1313 Disneyland Dr. , Anaheim. The 13th letter of the alphabet is the letter "M." The address spells "MM" for Mickey Mouse.

The Indiana Jones attraction used to be a parking lot, if you look back at the projector, you will notice an Eyeore sign. This is here because where Indiana Jones sits used to be the Eeyore parking lot.

Look for Indiana’s dogs house as you ride on the Disneyland Railroad.

After dark, visit Rapunzel's tower within Fantasy Faire, it does something neat every ten minutes.


The famous for being famous lightbulb of Disneyland on Main Street (half red/ half white). Was said that Walt didn’t like the look of two white bulbs next to each other so he had the one half painted red to keep the pattern going.

On Main Street.....there’s a sitting area with windows above.....a dentist, and some other offices.....go there and take a listen. (near lockers)


The crest above the gates of Sleeping Beauty's castle is the Disney families coat of arms.


The house that belongs to the Little Man of Disneyland. Located just outside Indiana Jones Ride next to the rides queue. There is a Golden Books story about it as well which was published in 1955 the same year the park opened.

High above the Jungle Cruise in Adventureland, stands a prominent palm tree that predates the existence of Disneyland. It belonged to the Dominguez Family who sold their Anaheim farm to Walt Disney so Disneyland could be built. 

Photo via Finding

Photo via Finding

"Test bricks" on Main Street were used to figure out the size and shape Walt wanted for the park.the wall has remained on Main Street since park opening in 1955, As you head down Main Street USA and take a right on Center Street you will come face to face with a brick wall that looks a little bit unfinished.

Petrified Tree at Disneyland (c) Cleverly Catheryn

Petrified Tree in Frontierland. The estimates 55-70 Million year old section of tree stands ten-foot high, weighing in at five tons, was purchased for the sum of $1,650 as a gag to Walts wife for their anniversary.

You may already know this but, look to the window above the firehouse in Walt's apartment. There you will see a lamp that never turns off. When the bulb goes out, it's immediately replaced. Walt would often spend the night in the park, working late. His presence was known by the illumination of that lamp. The only time you'll ever see it dimmed, is when family is in the park, and that is out of respect.

1764 crypt at Disneyland (c) Cleverly Catheryn

The mysterious 1764 Crypt. It’s the only remaining artifact of an early concept for New Orleans Square. In the early stages of development, Imagineers envisioned a crypt-style tunnel leading from the Haunted Mansion to Tom Sawyer Island, filled with pirate treasure and ancient skeletons. The tunnel would have been a walkthrough attraction, including an arcade, saloon, and a pirate hideout.

If you go to the Buzz Lightyear ride the shop that is next to it. If you go in the shop you will see two old rockets from the old rocket ride in there as well as the counter is the old People mover cars


Look for Walt & Roy Disneys' golden initials in the railing above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in the New Orleans Square area of Disneyland close to the Gumbo stand.

Try on a hat in the Mad Hatter gift shop, look into the mirror above the cashiers and you might get a glimpse the Cheshire Cat looking back at you.


In the foyer of "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln," the actual park bench from Griffith Park where Walt came up with the idea for Disneyland while watching his daughters play. There is a Carousel horse on loan as well from the Griffith Park Merry Go Round that opened in 1937.

Mickey's Toontown is full of hidden gems. On the fountain out side of Mickey's house there are musical instruments. On the ground around the fountain are manholes with instruments engraved on them. If you step on the manholes the instruments will play.

Any you were surprised to learn about? Did I miss some, leave your hidden find in the comments below!

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