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Horror Made Here A Festival of Frights at Warner Bros Studio

Horror Made Here A Festival of Frights at Warner Bros Studio

Horror Made Here A Festival of Frights at Warner Bros Studio


Warner Bros Studios is expanding their Horror Made Here event not only in size but by adding more dates, mazes and a trip down nightmare lane. 85 years of movie making experience gives them tons of inspiration and access to movie sets, props and current horror film projects creating the perfect backdrop and intimate halloween experience. Considering Warner Bros is behind some of the all time hits in the horror genre, this is an event you won't want to miss.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood invites you to enter their iconic backlot for an incredible Halloween party where evil clowns, demon nuns, super villains, possessed dolls and the devil himself will come to life. Be prepared to face your deepest fears and see what nightmares await you from the twisted minds that brought you IT, The Conjuring, Freddy vs. Jason, The Exorcist, and from WB Games, Batman: Arkham Asylum.

In this, their 3rd year of hosting a Halloween event on the lot, I will tell you it's a very different experience than any of the other SoCal haunt I've attended. It's a smaller, more intimate experience creating an opportunity to get close up and set your own pace with it's self guided areas. For me it's the perfect mashup of two things I love, halloween and the movies. Read more about what's returning this year as well as what's new for 2018.

IT knows what scares you!

IT knows what scares you!

All new for 2018: Last year's IT house was a huge hit at last years Horror Made Here event. This year enjoy more frights and fears in an all new reimagined It Knows What Scares You maze. Pennywise knows what scares you and is waiting with more scares and surprises at every turn.


The Joker is Your Judge in this new maze Based off the DC Video game. The Joker ™ has taken over Arkham Asylum and is judge and Jury is this twisted maze. Escape The Joker and a host of DC Super-Villains and find out who is waiting for you as you break out of this twisted institution.


THE NEXT CHAPTER IN THE CONJURING UNIVERSE Maze. Explore and investigate the most famous paranormal cases while trying to escape the demonic spirits that are lurking in the shadows. Be sure not to disrupt anything on your journey and fall victim to Annabelle's devious games, for everything in this maze is possessed.


THE EXORCIST FORBIDDEN SCREENING New for 2018. Sit in on a church service you'll never forget. Get comfy and say your prayers in this 4D experience while unholy activities disrupt this sinister service and brings the horrors of The Exorcist to life, and witness an evil beyond this world right from the pew in this forbidden viewing.


Nightmare on Camp Crystal Lake New for 2018. Take this evening tram tour of the Warner Bros. lot and see filming locations from your favorite horror flicks including “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” and “House of Wax”, with a detour to everyone’s favorite campground, Camp Crystal Lake. The Night Tour at Camp Crystal Lake includes a walking portion through the backlot Jungle set. Sleeping bags not required.


Enter the world of Tim Burton and see authentic props and costumes from his iconic movies Sweeney Todd, The Corpse Bride, Mars Attacks! and for the first time ever, original props from the Halloween classic, Beetlejuice, at Stage 48: Script to Scream. This is a self guided tour with tons of photo opportunities. More frights this year include: A creepy carnival filled with a variety of entertainment including a live DJ and performances on our center stage, the Lost Boys retro arcade, SFX make-up demonstrations and plenty of food (no longer from food trucks) and drinks for purchase at a new place called Fantasias. 

Horror Made Here has been extended from six to 13 nights this year starting October 5, 2018. Dates are: Oct. 5,6, 12-14, 18-21, 25-28 Hours 7PM to 1AM. Tickets go on sale beginning August 1, starting from $59 per person. If you are looking for the ultimate experience join “The Losers’ Club” for the night to enjoy one-time front-of-line access to each maze, two complimentary beverages, one free IT photo-op, and free priority parking* for $169.00. FYI: Guests 13 years old and over are welcome to attend the event and for security & safety purposes, guests are NOT allowed to wear costumes, masks or make-up at the event.

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