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Naughty or Nice Get to Stacked This month

Naughty or Nice Get to Stacked This month

Stacked Monthly Specials for December  

Whether you've been naughty or nice head to Stacked this month for their signature monthly specials. From the Surf N Turf Mac and Cheese to the classic Bread Pudding built your way, you won't get stuck with you aunt's hard Fruitcake. We were invited to head over to our local Stacked location to get a taste of all the new creations, here's what we we got.


Besides their amazing and must have Candied Bacon they have another pork appetizer that is so worth checking out. If Pigs Could Fly, um yeah! Right into my mouth and into my belly! These amazingly tender nuggets of pork on the bone are first fried up and then basted with a spicy and sweet Asian sauce. FYI: Not too spicy but it do come with a dipping sauce.


So when dining out I always try to get something I usually don't make at home or try to eat healthy. If you are in that same boat, the Walnut Cranberry Salad is a great choice. Consisting of spinach, grilled chicken breast, walnuts and dried cranberries. All that is tossed up in a walnut cranberry dressing.  It also has some serious chunks of blue cheese in there as well. A top pick of mine for the evening, opting to be being nice and saving room to be naughty later.


Looking for a plate to share along with your entree or a salad? Want something  warm and gooey? The Surf and Turf Mac and Cheese is packed with shrimp, steak,peppers, and topped off with a bread crumb topping.  


So now we come to the end of our dinner. I took one for the team and volunteered to try the Peppermint Kahlua Cocoa with whipped cream, I mean come on, the cup alone sold me.


The rest of my party was all about the Bread Pudding that in true Stacked form, you build yourself. With so many topping to choose from and after much debate we went for adding coffee ice cream, Reese's cups, marshmallows and caramel. I think I am still in a sugar coma from it all. And what do we chase it down with but a signature Cookie Butter Shake kicked up a noche this month by the addition of Gingersnap Cookies. I mean why not right, Tis the Season!

Stacked Gift Cards

Speaking of the season, still looking for a gift for that hard to buy for person?  Stacked is offering some major deals on their gift cards. It's like giving and getting at the same time. 

Real Snow, Real Science, Real Fun! Winter WonderFest Discovery Cube OC

Real Snow, Real Science, Real Fun! Winter WonderFest Discovery Cube OC

Big Bite Sugar Rush Recap

Big Bite Sugar Rush Recap