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Dora and Diego Let’s Explore! @DiscoveryCubeOC

  • Discovery Cube Orange County 2500 North Main Street Santa Ana, CA, 92705 United States (map)

Dora and Diego – Let’s Explore!

This new exhibit let's you and your children go on an active adventure in the educational world of Dora the Explorer. Join this animal-rescuing duo along with their friends while they explore Isa’s Flowery Garden, help Tico gather nuts, join the Pirate Piggies’ crew to uncover pirate treasure, and help baby animals in the Rainforest Maze.

Dora the Explorer Discovery Cube OC

Here's the info on all the interactive Fun within the Dora and Diego exhibit  :

  • The Purple Planet

    Visit the Purple Planet with Dora and Boots! Climb inside and slide down on the surface of the Purple Planet.

  • Rocket Ship

    Dora’s outer-space friends want to go back to the Purple Planet and need help getting there. Hop on board a Rocket Ship. put on a spacesuit, pilot the ship, and test your kids memory with images of colorful planets.

  • Constellations

    Dora and Boots encounter some interesting star groupings on the way to the purple planet. Identify the patterns made out of stars by inserting star shapes to light up a constellation.

  • Isa’s Flowery Garden

    Isa the Iguana teaches how to care for flowers, plants, and animals. Preschool visitors tour Isa’s Garden to pick flowers, interact with bird, butterfly, and insect puppets, and pretend-fly with toddler-sized bird and butterfly wings. 

  • Tico’s Tree and Car

    Tico, Dora's good friend the squirrel and visitors are invited to be a good friend to Tico too. Tico needs help picking nuts from the tree for a family picnic. Children can play along with Swiper to swipe the nuts and watch as they shoot up and over to fill Tico’s basket to set out on his journey. 

  • Pirate Ship

    Preschoolers, join the Pirate Piggies crew and dress like a pirate to pretend-play along sailing the ship and divvying up the treasure. Raise and lower the Pirate Piggies’ flag, look through the telescopes to find the treasure chest and then divvy up the coins into the Pirate Piggies’ banks.

  • Animal Rescue Center

    Practice caring and helping rainforest animals in Diego’s Animal Rescue Center. Preschoolers can be an animal rescuer, like Diego, as they diagnose and fix animal’s problems from the “Scanner” bed at the “First-Aid Station,” or bathe stuffed animals at the “Care Station.”


    Rainforest Maze

    Explore a rainforest to locate rainforest animals. Swing across the Bobo Brothers’ monkey bars, crawl through a fallen tree, climb across Jaguar Mountain, and jump or hop across the River Rocks.

Never been to the Cube before? Here are a few tips they share from the site. 

Know Before You Go
“Less” can actually mean “more.”The Cube is big so don't try to see it all in one day or rush through. The more time a child spends in an exhibit the more engaged he or she can become which can lead to increased learning.

Follow your child’s lead.
Observe your child. What types of activities does your child enjoy most? What activities keep your child’s attention the longest? Your child may surprise you with their interests after a visit to the Cube!

“Read it again!” Repetition, repetition, repetition.
Children can sometimes tire us with their singular fascinations, but it's an important part of child development, learning through repetition.

The Dora and Diego exhibit is included with your general admission. For Ticket prices and hours of operation visit the Discovery Cube OC by clicking the link below.

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