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Creating Fun Christmas Cards for the Holidays

Creating Fun Christmas Cards for the Holidays

Creating Fun Christmas Cards for the Holidays

Do you go all out with your family Christmas cards? I can barely get a picture with my girl let alone with my husband or dog and decided I was going to make an effort this year to create a fun one this year. I have been fortunate enough to be working with Chasing Fireflies the past couple of years and wanted to find a costume that would work for our not so traditional card to send out to our friends and family this year.

In deciding which dress to use I considered the following: something with the appropriate colors for the holidays, a costume that my girl could use for another occasion and something she would be comfortable in that fit her personality. What we came up with was the Queen Isabella Dress. It’s made with beautiful and rich fabrics, perfect for the Renaissance Fairs we attend and just like my daughter a queen! In considering location for our picture I had a few good ones to choose from, a couple even with castles! In the end I went with the little gem below for the colors, context and overall humor.

The Queen Isabella Costume for Girls is a majestic velvety gown with gold brocade, faux-fur trimmed cuffs and jewels that catch the light. To get the full effect it is best paired with a petticoat and of course no queen could be seen without a few jewels. I love how custom it looks and the details used. This dress also features a zipper closure giving it a finished fit. All of the items we have found run very true to size and are made very well. This dress is only $69 currently which is a steal compared to most dresses that are nowhere near the quality.

My tips in getting that perfect overall shot.

  • Try out a few places, lighting and props if possible.

  • Maybe you have the perfect place scouted out, I would look for the dress or outfit that compliments each other. Considering colors, fabrics and if you want to get multiple uses from it.

This picture came in a close second as my choice for our card this year but…..


We ended up going with this one!

Chasing Fireflies Christmas card 2018.jpg

So what do you think? We snagged this perfect picture right before Halloween and I just knew it would be a winner for the funny Christmas Card I was looking to create. I lucked out capturing her expression and her cousins playfulness with the props was sheer gold! Happy Holidays everyone!

Chasing Fireflies has the best selection and quality for all occasions and killer deals year round! If you are a first time shopper with them you can get 15% off your first order by signing up to their email list to receive the latest in new releases, sales and more!

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