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5 Things You Need to know Before Visiting Galaxy's Edge with a Reservation

5 Things You Need to know Before Visiting Galaxy's Edge with a Reservation

5 Things You Need to know Before Visiting Galaxy's Edge with a Reservation

Galaxys Edge (c) Cleverly Catheryn

Star Wars Galaxy Edge officially open May 31, well most of it will. During this soft opening period you have to have a reservation to enter the new area of Disneyland and with it you will have the ability to explore the 14 acre area for 4 hours before it officially opens to everyone June 24. So how should you maximize your time within the new land? I have 5 things you should know about regarding arriving and checking in with your reservation to make the most of this coveted visit you are about to embark on!

  1. Arriving at the resort: Depending on your reservation time, I recommend you arrive with enough time to park and get through security. You can check in at the Star Wars Launch Bay in Tomorrowland 2 hours before your reservation time. Upon showing your reservation, you’ll be given wristbands to show at a specified entrance to Galaxy’s Edge. Tip: Check the Disneyland Today Twitter account for parking structure closures before arriving to plan accordingly.

  2. Get to the park before opening if your reservation is in the morning or early afternoon to avoid rushing and parking delays. Be aware that reservations in the middle of the day overlap and you will be subject to more visitors as opposed to the first reservation of the day and the last one. There is no benefit for arriving too early as your reservation time is set.

  3. There are 3 ways into GE, via Critter Country, Fantasyland, and Frontierland. During the reservation time you will be instructed which entry to use.

  4. Prioritize! If you are all about building a light saber, go there first! If the cantina is your thing, go there! These 2 locations are reportedly filling up very fast and with a smaller capacity than the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run many are not able to experience these if they hit the ride first due to the wait! It is estimated that 4 hours will be sufficient to see and do everything within Galaxy’s Edge by limiting the number of people allowed within the reservation system but the wait to ride this attraction could be up 2 + hours long. 38” (97 cm) or Taller My advise check the app! They are also marking your wristband to monitor if you rode Smugglers Run and are limiting it to 1x per hour.

  5. Your wrist band is color coded and will be how you are identified by time. Keep that in mind and prioritize your visit. A “sweep” similar to those done for the Halloween Parties will be conducted to remove those who’s reservation time is up.

Galaxys Edge Disneyland (c) Cleverly Catheryn

Join in right here on the Disney Parks Blog on May 29 at 8:20 p.m. PDT | 11:20 p.m. EDT for a first look at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and to see the historic dedication moment from Disneyland Resort in California.

So wondering who things will work AFTER the reservation period is up? Beginning June 24 you will no longer need a reservation to visit Galaxy’s Edge. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will be opening later this year bringing in a whole new swarm of guests. Here’s how getting into the new land will work STARTING June 24th.

  • The Official Disneyland app will become your portal to Batuu. Instead of a traditional standby line the APP will keep your place in a virtual standby line for you. This virtual queue will move you forward as capacity becomes available with no specific return time. When your return time notification is issued via the APP just head to Galaxy’s Edge, you will have up to two hours to return to Galaxy’s Edge.

  • Shortest wait time to enter the new land? Get to Disneyland early! If Galaxy’s Edge isn’t full already, you’ll be immediately cleared to head in. If it is full, you’ll be able to add yourself and your group to the virtual boarding queue for Galaxy’s Edge. Heads up! You must be in the park to add yourself to the virtual queue.

  • June 24th and beyond, you can stay inside the land as long as you desire.

Our time on Batuu.
Guest services is located at the Frontierland entrance tunnel.
Smugglers Run and DAS:
Enter main entrance (center lane) this drops you right to the point where you are let into the pre ride show. Con is you miss the entire walk thru missing so much of the ride queue details. 

We were the pilots on our ride, I must say we had a good natured group, we all were laughing because no one know what they were doing. 
My first impression: this 1 billion expansion is 90% for adults and hard core franchise fans. It's all about the food, shopping, photo opportunities and exclusive merchandise. There are movie references everywhere!

We are by no means major Star Wars fans but we both loved the land for it's amazing architecture, detail beyond belief and overall vibe. The ride was fun, definitely would ride again as another position and the few chance character run ins were funny (liked they were not line up but rather chance meetings, more natural). Overall, be ready to drop serious cash on stuff.

So, did you score a reservation? We will be there and can’t wait!  

"The Resistance Will Not Be Intimidated."

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